Thursday, February 22, 2018

Grade 2 Drawing BIG

Today we read another bird story. Then the children scattered around the room with 18x36" tag board. Their challenge was to draw a huge bird with long legs, and fill it with lines and patterns.
Only one or two kiddos could fit at a table. Everyone else chose a floor spot. Seemed to go well for today.  We will see what happens with paints and cups of water next week..........

Friday, February 16, 2018

Third Grade Space

Third graders watched a short slide show I made about the history of space exploration in America. They were fascinated!  Some kiddos have read a lot about space and had a lot to share. Others had a lot of questions. Fortunately I had several books from the library, because I struggled with a few of the questions!  I grew up watching astronauts land and walk on the moon. I  also raised 4 sons  who were, and are, very scientifically minded. I had a lot of Space books in my home.  I still have more to learn!
 Today we painted textured papers using texture combs.  It was tons of fun, very process oriented, and successful. We will save these to collage planets, moons, asteroids, shooting stars, etc.  We will need a few weeks working on this project!  More to come!
Thanks to Painted Paper for the inspiration.

Kindergarten Jellyfish project

Kinders are now learning about Cool Colors:  green, blue, purple. Today they also learned about wavy lines and painted an ocean for their jelly fish.  More to come!

5th grade batik

Fifth graders are getting batiks finished in some classes. It takes several weeks as each step needs to dry. After drawing the animals, students applied the resist to the silk hoop. Then next week they paint in the areas with dye. Salt can be sprinkled on for added effect.  Then the resist is washed out with gentle rubbing and warm water.  below are some images of each step.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ta Da! Royal first Grade Portraits!

 This project has taken at least a month to complete! So many steps! Finally crowns are  embellished. Woven shirts are decorated with collars, bows, ties, buttons, necklaces. The final assemblages are as unique and adorable as the young artists who created them!

Henri Rousseau Tigers!

Second graders are finishing their tigers, and boy they are cute. The tigers are too! They collaged leaves onto their "Cool"  colored background. Tigers, or leopards, were cut and added onto the jungle.