Monday, July 2, 2018

Kinders End of Year Project

After Kinders finished up listening to a story,  and completing an end of year art skills paper, I let them loose around the room with crayons and giant blueprint paper, given to me a few years back by a parent.
The children sprawled every where and had a blast drawing and coloring huge animals, people, dinosaurs, flowers. The next exciting activity ( for me) was to line them up, at the end of class with these monstrous papers contained! We all figured it our successfully!

First Grade End of Year Fun

I had extra black and white prints leftover from an earlier project. So I brought these out and let the children cut them out and draw a scene to glue themselves into. I gave no other instructions. The results are pretty cute and fit each child's personality!

Monday, June 4, 2018

First Grade end of year project

After listening to the books Flip Flop Bop, and Beach Day, first graders began designing flip flops. They reviewed lines, shapes and patterns, by discussing and drawing as many as they could think of. Each flip flop had to match with design and colors of crayons. Last week we glued on the toe straps and cut them out. Wish I could find a shop that carries flip flops like these!

"Beautiful Oops!"

After reading the book " Beautiful Oops" in Kindergarten for Crew, students had a chance to turn an oops torn paper into something creative! I am big on problem-solving in the art room. We rarely toss mistakes for new paper.  Often we figure out how to fix an error, and usually no one can tell where we made the mistake in our artwork!  Here kiddos turned their papers and looked at the oops, until a vision for the shape evolved. Using sharpie they drew on the oops. At a later art class, I brought out these drawings. Students then painted the oops and made a masterpiece! A really fun lesson in so many ways!

5th End of Year Fun

As 5th graders finish their string art, they get to create other end-of-the-year quick projects. First they are cutting, arranging and stapling a memory book.  I also have inspirational posters for them to relax and color with markers. Lastly they get to see what they can draw from a paper with an old pencil hot glued on. These have been pretty creative! Here are a few finishers.

Friday, June 1, 2018

4th grade Cartography

4th Graders read and viewed slides about the history of map making called Cartography. They now are drawing their own imaginary land maps. They are required to have at least 4 land forms, a compass rose, and ships/ sea monsters.  After sharpie they colored small areas with colored pencil. The large parts are painted with watercolor.  Finally they glued them to  page of a current USA state map. These have been fun and very creative. Thank you Deep Space Sparkle for the inspiration!