Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fifth Grade, closing out the year......

We have a great group of fifth graders that are moving on to middles school next fall. There is a lot of art talent in their group and I will miss them. To end our art time at Sopris I taught them about perspective. Using shapes we drew a vanishing point and vectors from our shapes to that point. The result is 3-D forms disappearing into the distance. These were painted with analogous colors of tempera. Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel. Finally a collage of strips was created. The strips could be any direction but had to be grouped by color theme. These are pretty cool looking artworks!
 Finishers are drawing dragon eyes with colored pencil to hone their skills on value and shading to make a 3-D look. I will post more as they finish the reptilian eyes.

fourth Grade year enders

Fourth grade is also reviewing art concepts with some engaging projects. They are using lettering as art to write their names, and paint with warm and cool colors.
Finishers are working on a 3-D hand project  using line and value  with colored pencils,to create the
effect of form.

First Grade end of year projects

First grade  read a cute book about a little fish that gets wisdom from his parents before swimming off to see the world.  They drew unique fish and painted them. These were wrapped with yarn for texture and glued onto a wet on wet ocean painting. Very pretty.
Next they have read, "Flip, Flop, Bop" and drawn their own flip flops. We are reviewing pattern and types of line. Pictures yet to come on the flip flops! Please check back!

Kinders, end of year.

Kinders have finished up their "Me" books. Several times throughout the year I teach them how to draw a self portrait. I also have a beginning and end of year writing sample, as our school was focusing on improving writing scores. Here are a few samples of the final page in their books. They
are nearly first graders!

Here are a few still life oil pastel resist collaged paintings that one class had time to do.

Second Grade Creepy Carrots!

We read the fiction book, Creepy Carrots,  and drew the 3 main carrot characters, and Jasper rabbit. We reviewed the secondary colors. The carrots were painted orange and green. The background painted purple. Jasper was painted a neutral gray like in the story. These will soon be cut and assembled.
A few classes have had time to read, Orlando and the little while friends. We have made giant sunglasses showing where we might go or want to go this summer. The frames have patterns.
Lots of review, creativity and cuteness.