Monday, March 13, 2017

Third Grade Barn Paintings

Some third graders have finished their barn paintings. They are lovely and could go on a Christmas card!  The final step included outlining, and one spot of glitter! Thanks Deep Space Sparkle for the lesson idea!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Couldn't Resist!

I think I have an new avatar thanks to my fifth grade artist, Frances Bell!
Love it Frances!!!!

Third Grade Painted Pea Pods

We did a lot of work on facial expressions prior to creating our pea pods with expressions. Each Pea had to have a different expression. Many of us have grown Peas in our gardens.  These artists went all out! Today they painted their mini sculptures. The only requirement I gave them was to mix colors to create as many GREENS as they could dream up. Some added stripes and polka dots to their pods as well. It was a really fun class today!

Fifth Grade Van Gogh Irises

Fifth graders are"rockin'" this painting project. They have learned a lot about flowers as they study them to draw and  paint. They also are learning about color mixing as they double dip 2 colors to create a new color. These paintings are truly stunning! I am so proud of them!

Second Grade Clay Lions

Second grade listened to the book "Snow Lion". It is a wonderful book about friendship. They drew lions and wrote about their lions. Then we created clay pinch pot lions. Here the students are painting their bisque creations.