Saturday, October 15, 2016

3rd Grade Veteran's Day Artworks

We have created Veteran's Day Chalk Artworks for the November choir concert with Mr. D.  We discussed the meaning of this day for our freedom and military. We chose 2 American symbols, the eagle and the flag. Students created this picture in one class period.


Fun Faces in Art

I take a lot of photos in Art. Sometimes I get requests. Here a re a few cuties. When students finish artwork in Second Grade, they may choose what art to do, or art games, in the Free Draw Area.

Showing off a play dough sculpture
during free draw time.

3 kiddos using shapes to create a figure with a
Tangram Art Game during
Free Draw Time.

Another play dough creation during Free Draw Time.
A Second Grader Showing her Scream and
her Scream!

Fourth Grade Georgia O'Keefe Skulls

Fourth graders are finally finishing up their Georgia O'Keefe skulls  by painting wet on wet watercolor over their Zentangles.

Third Finishes Amate Landscape Art

Third graders loved painting with the Fluorescent  Liquid Tempera Paints. I had to challenge them to NOT overpaint!  The final step involved cutting bright paper shapes and creating a border.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fourth Grade Georgia O'Keefe Skulls

It is taking a while to finish drawing Zentangles around our skulls. We reviewed Value and painted a watery tan wash onto the skulls to show some depth. Come back as we finish backgrounds.

Third Grade Amate paintings

Third graders used fluorescent liquid tempera paints to decorate their Amate Fantasy Landscapes.
They had a hard time stopping because the colors were so fun to add.

Second Grade Scream Self Portraits

This week a Second Grade class finished painting their Scream paintings. We used liquid tempera and painted in swirling brush strokes to show emotion like Edvard Munch.

First Grade Birds

This week First Graders heard a book about birds. Then we used liquid tempera to paint our own Birds. Come back next week to see what we do with them.

Kinders Primary Shape Monsters

This week our Kinders learned about gluing with just little dots. They glued their shapes onto a black sheet of construction paper. The they made their monsters a bit life like by adding eyes. This was a big fine motor exercise as Kinders had to draw small  circles and cut them out. The black "pupils" were even smaller, which was tricky for some. The Kinders enjoyed making their shapes come alive. Next week we will work on mouths, arms with hands, and legs with feet.