Monday, September 30, 2013

5th Graders started off the year learning about 3 Famous artists and their paintings. I made a power point about daVinci, VanGogh, and Klimt.  Then gave them photo copies of the faces that I found on pinterst. They colored in with colored pencils, cutout and glue sticked onto tag. Then took off with sharpies. I printed out Zentangles I found online as idea spring board. I talked about Contrasty in the power point too to get them to add some darker areas. They are really cool! Email me at my school if you would like a copy of my power point.

 Second Grade made Liberty Bells with gold metallic tempera for the November Veterans Day Program. These will go on the gym walls.  I found this online somewhere. maybe a Patty Palmer too.
Then we took a neat DeepSpaceSparkle project o n monoprinting to make the lovely cityscape reflection project. Her projects are so kid friendly and look great!

 First graders had a color mixing lesson after drawing clowns. Then they outlined with black oil pastel.
A line lesson was taught and lines were drawn on purple construction paper with oil pastels. Then we cut out our clowns and glued them on. I believe Patty Palmer get credit for this  cute idea too.

Kinders learned about the primary colors and lines. Then turned their painted papers into animal heads. I found this idea online and added the head shape.

I have taken 2 e courses from Patty Palmer's Deep Space Sparkle. This is one of Patty's projects. My Fourth graders created these versions of Arches National Park. The park is not too far from where I teach and most students have been there.They were very excited to draw the arch. We learned about Prickly Pear Cactus, Agave, and Yucca. One class used oil pastels on white tag and watercolored over. The other classes used chalk on brown construction paper, using a black pastel to outline.

First Grade created these Coil animals.They learned about Score and Slip to attach heads and tails.
I saw this on Pinterest somewhere.Thanks for the idea! They are really cute.