Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kinders learn Neutral Colors and Print Making

Kinders can sing a new color song. Black White Brown, Tan and Gray..... these are Neutral colors, and lend themselves to animal stories. We read 3 books in class. We used everyday objects to print with Neutral colors.  Can you tell what objects we used? Next students will trace shapes, cut them out and assemble animals. Check back to see the final creations.

Foruth Grade Colorado Symbols Postage Stamps

I have done this beautiful project many times over the years. Fourth graders study Colorado History, so it integrates well with the classroom. Students first learned about the History of Postage Stamps.They learned that a person who collects stamps is called a Philatelic They chose their symbol and sketched a rough draft. Next students received a paper like a big perforated postage stamp. After drawing, going over the design with sharpies, they are beginning to paint with watercolors. The first few are just lovely.

Second Grade Pinch Pot Pets

First Graders wrote and drew about a pet they either have, or wish they had.  They have had their first firing and are now bisque and ready for glaze.They have been glazed and await the kiln. Check back to see them shine after firing.

Third Grade Keith Haring Dancing Dogs

Thank you Christy Hale for this fun bright project. We first learned about the American Artist Keith Haring via slides and a book. Students chose their animal, (cat,dog,mouse) and made a posable figure. These figures were set in different dance moves and then traced on bright paper. We added bold outlines, movement, and speech lines like Keith Haring did. Come back to see some finished strips.

Fifth Grade projects

One class in 5th grade is starting a Gnome 3-D project. They learned about Gnomes in literature form a slide show I prepared. They have paper mached 2 layers of newspapers and will paint with acrylic paints this week. Thanks to the blog,"There's a Dragon in my Art Room" for the inspiration.
Another class in 5th grade is finishing their print accordion books.
After making 8 prints, they cut up the prints. These were reassembled onto pages in an accordion 
book as mini compositions. The students added metallic sharpie to embellish the pages. Then they wrote about the compositions they chose.

And yet another class learned about the mythological creatures, dragons! They formed clay dragons, making sure to show texture. Their dragons could be fierce, silly or cute.

Third Grade Mosaic Masks Finished!

A third grade class made giant mosaic masks for the art show.  They looked really cool! When I asked to photograph them for our blog, the kids wanted to put them over their faces like actual masks.