Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fourth Grade Hummers

I challenged my 4th graders to draw a humming bird between 2 flowers. I didn't give them an exemplar, or any reference. I wanted to see what they could create on their own, prior to the actual art lesson. It will help me to target their specific talents and needs for this project. It will also be a great measure of growth. These initial drawings are very sweet.

Fifth Grade Aspens

I love to do this painting project with my 5th graders. It is so easy, and students have great success. It produces a lovely Colorado scene. I will tuck these away until the spring Art to Remember Program.

Fourth Grade Clay

Fourth grade learned about F. Hundertwasser. They drew inspiration from this Austrian's funky artwork to create a clay coil artwork. Many flowers, faces, and designs emerged. Now they are dry and loaded into the kiln for a day of firing.

First Grade Clay Splat the Cat

Splats are nearly dry and ready to be fired. the kids had a ball creating a personality on their Splat. They are very cute, and functional as a little bowl.

Second Grade Peacocks

Second graders used a crayon resist technique to finish their peacocks. They decorated a few areas with warm colored crayons: yellow, orange, and red. Then painted cool colors of watercolors over: blue green and purple. This is one of my favorite projects as they turn out so stunning!

Kinder Secondary colors and Peeking Cat


Friday, October 10, 2014

First Grade Splats

We read the book Splat this week, in first grade, and drew pictures of Splat. This is a cute story of a little cat's first day of school. We could all relate to the worries and escapades of Splat. He preserves his uniqueness and learns that he is amazing and makes friends. Next week we will make slab clay Splat bowls.

Second Grade Peacocks

This is a favorite project of mine. These birds turn out so pretty. It is a great lesson on line, warm and cool colors. Second graders first learned about peacocks. They even heard a video of the screeching call of the male peacock. Now they are drawing the birds. Come back to see them painted.  We will use a crayon resist with watercolor.

Third Grade Cowboy boots

After a Power Point on the history of Cowboys in the Western United States, students drew rough copies of boots in their sketch books. The following week they began the good copies of their boots. They used their names in mirror image along the seam to create a symmetrical design on their boots.
They learned how to add a simple line under the heel to make it look 3-D. Next we will color in a Color Families paper. Students will choose a color scheme  for their boots using this paper as a reference.

Kinder Secondary Colored Mice

Kinders have read Mouse Paint, mixed the secondary colors, and drawn mice. They are cutting them out and gluing the mice onto a background. They learned "artist" cutting skills; thumb on top in the scissors, the other hand is the turning hand.  They loved  using my classroom glues. These have a "magic button" that when pressed makes little dots of glue. No more big puddles ruining our art work! Come back next week as we make our peeking cats.