Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fifth Grade St. Basil's Cathedral

Fifth Graders are completing their architecture project. Classes have detailed towers with metallic crayons, then painted with various forms of liquid watercolor. Some classes have used a glitter watercolor, or a metallic watercolor for special effects.  Finally the project was made "presentation ready" by adding a frame, and decorating the frame with white crayon using a pattern from their towers. This adds unity and repetition to the artwork, which are our "Principles of Design". Project  adapted from Deep Space Sparkle.

Fourth Grade Black on Black Pottery pictures

Fourth Grade has been coloring patterns on their pots using metallic pencils. They are drawing in a curved design to create the illusion of roundness and form. Today we cut finished pots out and discussed composition and why some arrangements work and others don't. We glued them onto turquoise colored paper. They are quite pretty.

Third grade clay Taco Fish are fired and await glazing

Here are some Bisque Taco Fish:

Third Grade Pig Kahuna

I  came up with this project after finding this fun book in the school book fair. I tried it with third grade last year way at the end of the year. It turned out so cute that I knew we needed to make it earlier so the artworks could be in the art show in April. The book deals with overcoming fears. A little pig named Fergus overcomes his fear of the water.  So we discussed things we used to be afraid of when we were little. Each child drew things on his/her surf board and colored them in.  We drew Fergus the pig and painted him using Tints, which are a color plus white.  The last step involves painting the ocean with liquid tempera. We used cool colors and painted with a waving motion, yellow paint for sand, and finally splattered white for a bit of foam. I will post finished projects when all is dry and cut out.

Second Grade Rizzi Cars

I saw this project on a blog called There's a Dragon in my art Room and knew we had to try it in Second Grade. I made a slide show about the artist James Rizzi and his style of Pop Art. We drew large cars, filled it with drawings of everyday pictures and symbols like James Rizzi. These were sharpied, and colored VERY neatly with crayons. The final step involved cutting out the cars and decorating CD wheels with colored sharpies for pizzaz! They  are adorable!!!!!

First Grade Monet Water Gardens

First Graders read the book"The magical Garden of Claude Monet". We learned how he loved to paint how the light looked on the water. So we painted water by double dipping into blue and white liquid tempera paint. The children painted in little short strokes like Monet.
They then decorated a coffee filter with markers, which I spritzed with water. These became the lily flowers. Finally we cut  the cute green lily pads, glued on flowers and a few dots for glitter. Their ponds are so sparkly and lovely just like Monet's. Lesson  adapted from Deep Space Sparkle.

Kinders and Primary colors

Kinders have learned a Primary Color song( and will sing it for you instantly!) We read "Hop on Pop"
and drew the character "Red" from the book. The we used the Primary colors to paint him with tempera paint. Lastly they practiced "Artist cutting skills" to cut and glue him to their chosen background color. They are adorable. Thanks to Patty Palmer for the lesson idea.