Thursday, September 22, 2016

Third Grade Amate Bark Fantasy Landscapes.

Third graders learned through slides about the dying latin american art of painting on mulberry bark paper. They are having a blast creating a fantasy kingdom landscape and creatures. Ours will be
created on brown Kraft paper. We will commence painting nest week.

Fifth Grade learns about American Artist Wayne Thiebaud

After a slide presentation of Wayne Thiebaud's paintings, students discussed how he used repetition, variety and a horizon line in his dessert artworks. I brought out a real gum ball machine as well as pictures of his gum ball painting. Their first drafts of observation sketches are quite good. They really worked on drawing what they see, not what they think they see. More to come!

Fourth Grade O'Keefe Skulls

Fourth Grade Learned a bit about the life of the female American Artist Georgia O'Keefe.
I brought in some real animal skulls from my home. They did observation drawings of O'Keefe's skulls. These were redrawn
onto large paper. Now they are adding Zentangles around the skulls. Come back to see our added watercolors.

Beginning of the Art Year 2016

Our young artists are creating works of art for our annual Art Room Fundraiser, through Art to Remember:
Here is a sample of their works of Art.
 These should make for some delightful Christmas gifts!
 Kinder Paul Klee Fish with oil pastel and liquid water colors.

First Grade giraffes using patterns and crayon resist technique.
Second Grade Peacocks suing crayon resist and warm and cool colors.

Third Grade  stylized Zebras.

Fourth Grade Value skies and tree silhouette.

Fifth Grade Masked Aspen landscape. Watercolors and Sharpie.