Monday, September 29, 2014

5th Grade Chameleons Near Completion

Using warm and cool color schemes, 5th graders are using oil pastels to color their creatures. We have dubbed them "Art Chameleons"as we jazzed them up a bit. Then using a wet on wet watercolor technique, they are using the opposite colors to paint the background.  They first wet the paper with water, then drop blobs of paint into the wet. No brushing is required as the paints co-mingle producing an impressionist view of foliage in the background.

1st Graders Arlo completed

First Graders had a blast adding sparkly beads, ribbons and buttons to Arlo's glasses. We had 3 shapes of frames: movie star, super hero, and mad scientist, based on the types from the story. Each Arlo or "Arla" definitely has its own personality!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Arlo's Glasses

First Graders are learning to listen and follow directions....Exactly!  This has been a challenge for these little artists. This group  succeeded in 100% accuracy in tracing and cutting out Arlo's glasses on the fold. And cutting an inside cirlcle! Woohoo! Next week we pull the entire project together by giving Arlo his glasses and adding collage items.

Third Graders Blast Off!

Rockets blasted into space scenes as third graders cut, glued and added collage items to their rockets. Here are a few examples of ships seen buzzing the art room!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fourth Grade Victorian Houses

Victorian Houses have been constructed in the art room all this week. Here are a few nice examples of  the fourth grade  architecture!

Second Grade Robots

A few robots are arriving in the art room, fresh off the assembly line.  They are collaged and full of texture. The contrast of the neutral colored robots against the primary and secondary colored background is  stunning!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Third Grade Rockets

Today we began painting the bases for our rockets. I chose red, white and blue  tempera, since we previously learned about the history of space exploration in the USA.
Next week we cut, collage and assemble. Here are a few nice starts.

First Grade Arlo

First graders read the book Arlo Needs Glasses. It is a great book about a boy's dog who can't see, goes to the eye doctor, gets glasses. It has pop ups and interactive pages which we loved exploring. The first week we drew Arlo together and went over our lines with black oil pastel. This past week I demonstrated coloring Arlo with chalk by using the chalk piece on its side. We then added a darker color around the edges of Arlo and blended the colors with our fingers. The background was any color chalk of their choice.
Check back next week when we college glasses for Arlo.
 Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle for this great idea!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kinder Primary Color, Collaged Faces Completed!

Kinders were a bit skeptical at the thick tacky glue and little spreaders they received today. The messy hands were hard to overcome as well.  However they  loved the tray of fun objects to explore and enjoyed collaging items to create a face. They laughed and giggled at the goofy faces each one made.
 We all agreed that they looked colorful and fun when finished!

Third Grade pastel resist Outer Space

After learning about the history of early space exploration, via a pwer point in Art class, students also viewed different artworks about space. They were then given large sheets of paper and oil pastels to create their space scene. These included lots of Saturn-like planets, moons, stars, comets, and black holes. The resist-technique happens when a wash of black watercolor is applied to the pastel drawing. The paint resists the oily pastel. The kids loved seeing how their drawing seemed to glow as the black paint spread over the paper. Next week we will begin our collaged rockets.