Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Grade Asmat Shields

Some First Graders are make big  3-D Asmat shields  for the Art Show in April. We looked at slide presentation  about the Asmat people of New Guinea. We  studied their shields as works of art. The children are using shapes similar to the actual shields. After drawing a line down the center they are making the sides symmetrical.,by  drawing the same shape on both on both sides.

Next we will paint using tempera paint in Neutral colors ( black, white brown tan and gray.) Thanks to Patty Palmer for her lesson inspiration.
Here are a few shields with the beginnings of tempera paint.

First Grade Clay Apples

First Graders have glazed their bisque apples, being very careful NOT to glaze the bottom. they just love their shiny apples!

First Grade Giant Squids

First Graders have loved this HUGE art project.  Here are some finished ENORMOUS Squids.

For the final step, we added some fish art on a tentacle and a paint brush.

Second Grade Cuckoo Clocks

Second Graders are so excited to have completed these adorable Cuckoo Clocks. We have worked on them for many weeks. We painted paper, learned to weave, printed a background paper, learned to draw birds, and so much more. they are wonderful!Thanks to Cassie Stephens for the idea!

Third Grade Mosaic Masks Continued

Here are some huge mosaic masks being worked on for the Art Show.