Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pinch Pot Monsters

I have seen many versions of these on Pinterest and online. so I decided to see what my 5th graders could do. Last week we sketched ideas as we finished our owl prints. Today I briefly demonstrated on the document camera how to make the pinch pot, and attach pieces using the score and slip method. Everyone who had me for kindergarten knows how to make a pinch pot... But I was stern about attaching pieces. Their grade depended on "lasting" construction. They got to work and had a blast. Even those who didn't get to sketch prior, were running away with ideas. They were brainstorming as they created, sharing inspirations, and techniques. It was wonderful to see the room come alive with little wide-mouthed-creatures. Clay is a rather rushed process in my art room, ony because it has to be a one day event. I literally have no room to save items in bags for a week. They end up too hard to work with after 7 days anyway. So the pressure was on! Look at the amazing products. I can't wait to see them glazed. Look forward to that posting!

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Julie Luek said...

Just looking at these made me smile. So creative.