Friday, May 29, 2015

Third grade Pig Kahuna

I bought a darling book at our  school book fair last year called "Pig Kahuna". There are more in the series, but this one deals with overcoming our fears.  I read it using a document camera to show it large on the screen. Third graders still love a good story with great illustrations. The first week we drew the pig, called Fergus. The next week they received little puddles of white tempera with a  dot of a color of tempera on the white. These puddles were mixed to make a tint. Fergus was painted with a Hawaiian shirt.  Next students designed a surf board and drew something that they were NOT afraid of anymore. All kinds of ideas were discussed and laughed about as they realized the silly things they were afraid of when they were little. These were painted with watercolors. The last step involved wet on wet painting using cool colors and splashes of white to create an ocean wave for Fergus to surf on.

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