Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Third Grade Pig Kahuna

I  came up with this project after finding this fun book in the school book fair. I tried it with third grade last year way at the end of the year. It turned out so cute that I knew we needed to make it earlier so the artworks could be in the art show in April. The book deals with overcoming fears. A little pig named Fergus overcomes his fear of the water.  So we discussed things we used to be afraid of when we were little. Each child drew things on his/her surf board and colored them in.  We drew Fergus the pig and painted him using Tints, which are a color plus white.  The last step involves painting the ocean with liquid tempera. We used cool colors and painted with a waving motion, yellow paint for sand, and finally splattered white for a bit of foam. I will post finished projects when all is dry and cut out.

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