Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fifth grade family portraits

Fifth graders viewed and discussed slides  of family portraits though out history. We explored the emotions, caricatures, and meanings in family portraits. We then looked at some modern, rather funky family and group portraits by some artists named Mitch and Am.e Alamag. Their site is called Rokoko.com. I picked up several of their prints one summer at the Carbondale, Mountain Fair. They are colorful and fun. So, emulating their style, we are "representing" our families on black paper with silver metallic pencil. These are then colored with chalk pastel. Students are doing a good job experimenting with blending colors of pastels.  Soon we will be adding the back ground and a quote about families, so check back!
This is a print from Rokoko for inspiration.
This is my family of 4 boys.

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