Monday, December 30, 2013

Cool Ocean Animal Prints with Third Grade

I like to do a Styrofoam printing lesson in third grade.  The children have fun learning to draw a variety of ocean animals in their sketch books first. They pick their favorite for their foam print. I used precut 4x6" pieces. They draw on 4x6" copy paper first, then tape the paper onto the foam and trace over their lines to engrave the foam.  Lift the paper and engrave with pencil again for deep lines.We also painted 2 wet on wet backgrounds using cool watercolors on 6x8" tag. Then the printing day came. I like to have them print twice and choose their best for mounting at the next class. We discuss having presentation ready artwork. Our best print is glue-sticked onto 8x10" black construction paper. The borders are drawn  with white oil pastel. Students use ocean themes to create a pattern.

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