Monday, December 30, 2013

First Grade Animal Crackers

First Graders enjoyed the book, " The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers"
by Lisa Campbell Ernst.
It is a fun play on the Gingerbread Boy book. They loved choral reading along as the crackers run wild across the farm.
I then demonstrated drawing their favorite animals on the white board. The Children sat down and drew " fatty"  animal crackers on shades of brown and tan construction paper. These were drawn over with sharpie, keeping the cookies simple.  For the next step we chose chalk in browns and tans. Lying these on their side, we put down color around the inner edge of the cracker animal. Finger smearing helped blend the chalk so it didn't look like a stripe.  We then cut these out.The cookies look lightly toasted, and yummy!

After Christmas break we will begin backgrounds where our crackers are running. Look back in a week or two.

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