Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Grade Box Monsters

My first batch of tissue box monsters were completed today. I saw this idea on Pinterest. and loved the fun.  Teachers at school have been sending me their empty tissue boxes for months.The students had so much fun. I stressed that we were making silly monsters. No blood and gore! I would be way too scared!!  I demonstrated how to create 3-D parts for our monsters. By adding a little tab to the cut out  features, they could be glued on and folded to stand out.  I was amazed at their ingenuity. Then I encouraged the young artists to add their own spark by creating a "fun" feature. That produced a plethora of wings, horns, antennae, tails and sticky-out tongues! The final step was to find a partner who also finished, and tell each other  a story about their silly monster. The chatter was tremendous! They were so proud to  finally carry them back to class.

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