Monday, February 24, 2014

Second Graders Ink Cherry Blossom Branches

Second graders loved dropping India Ink onto their scrolls and using cut  straws to blow it into branches. I learned after several classes to limit how much they can drop on. Some enjoyed the "process" a little bit too much and created puddles of ink that had to be carried to the drying rack very carefully. Then they no longer looked like branches, but more like splayed out blobs. That is the beauty of my job. As I teach the same lesson to a grade all week, especially if it is a new lesson, I can tweak it and revise it to meet the needs of the children....

Sometimes throwing out artwork and starting over so I can teach it better. I believe all children can create lovely art. If not, my teaching is at fault!

The next week we used brand new pencil erasers to print dots of Cherry Blossoms. We learned about Tints. A color plus white equals a tint. One more week to finish up.

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