Friday, January 16, 2015

Third grade clay Reader Figures

Clay projects are often introduced and executed on the same day in my classroom. There just isn't space in the room or a way to effectively save projects for an entire week. So students get really focused and hammer out fabulous projects. Meanwhile I flit about the room assisting where needed. We talked about how artists often exaggerate an element in their artwork to add interest, or show a new view of something, or just to be creative and have fun. So we made figures sitting reading a book  with really "long" legs.  These were formed on the table and then sat on the edge to hang  the long
 legs over. Many chose to cross them as well. I just loved seeing those little clay people sitting studiously in my room all afternoon. I kept running out to grab a teacher to come in and see what my amazing 3rd graders did!
Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.

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