Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kinders learn Secondary colors

Kinders have been singing another color song in art class: "The Secondary Colors are Orange Purple Green..." They read the book "Mouse Paint". We then prepared for the project by drawing a happy, friendly lady bug. Insects are cool! We discussed that they have 6 legs! The next class period I rushed around the room spooning 2 primary colors onto each section of the ladybug. Like magic, new colors formed before their eyes as they mixed the 2 paints together each time! This is one of my favorite lessons with the little ones!  I so enjoy discovery through art. The final week students used a thin brush and back tempera paint to outline, add spots, and recreate the face, antennae, and arm-legs.
These smiling ladybugs are almost as adorable as my little kinders!

                                (I know I saw this project online somewhere for the inspiration.)

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