Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Grade Apples

This is a Deep Space Sparkle project that I used for the first time this year.We made these apples in the spring, with the emphasis on the work that the apple trees are doing now to produce apples in the fall. Unless a child sees an apple tree first hand, the concept is lost on them, because apples can be obtained from the grocery store nearly all year long. We first read about apples, then traced 2 big apple shapes onto white paper. We mixed primary colors to create 2 shades of apples, one slightly orangish. Blue and yellow mixed produced a green for stems and leaves. A colored mat was decorated with markers, and a fringe cut on each end. The final step involved drawing a white pastel "moon crescent" on our apples to make them look shiny.The cut and assembled  apples are very "apeeling!"

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