Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kinder Texture Fish

I have to admit I use a lot of  project ideas from Deep Space Sparkle. I enjoy Patty Palmer's use of paint and simple shapes for young artists. This project began with the books  'Swimmy" and "Big Al".Both stories talk about friendship and problem solving in social situations.
We then painted fish by mixing 2 primary colors. These were then cut out and collaged with shapes that the children cut from colored paper, and wrapped with yarn.  We talked about how texture is added to art to make it interesting and fun to touch! Texture is one of the art elements that artists use. The background was printed with a variety of lids dipped into white tempera paint, to look like bubbles. Due to the fluffiness of the yarn, I hot glued the fish onto their backgrounds outside of class. They are pretty darn cute!

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