Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Second Grade end of year Sun Glasses

I am not sure where this project originated, or if I made it up myself, but I have used it for years in Second Grade in May.  I  take several weeks to read "Orlando's Little While Friends" by Audry Wood. It is a wonderful story of a little boy who goes on summer vacation in his van with his parents and learns to be less shy and make friends where ever he goes, even if only for a little while. The kids absolutely LOVE this book. Next we make  huge art sunglasses. The students learn to draw a frame measuring  2 fingers to make it wide enough to  draw patterns of shapes and lines inside. They go over it with sharpie and use crayons to also add pattern with color.  Then we discuss where we may be going this summer or wish we were going, and draw a landscape scene inside the lenses. It is a challenge at first to stick to the same location, but draw different landmarks in each lens. These too are colored brightly with crayon, then cut out. They have garnered much hovering and discussion around the bulletin board where they hang in the hallway!

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