Sunday, September 27, 2015

Art to Remember Program Paintings

Each year the art students participate in the Art to Remember Program. The children produce artwork and have the opportunity to purchase items with their artwork printed on them. These include tote bags, cell phone cases, tee shirts, mugs and many others things. The products turn out really nice and colorful. It also raises funds for our Art Program here at Sopris Elementary School. These funds have allowed me to me to purchase some big ticket items that I otherwise would not be able to acquire for the children.
Here are a few samples of paintings that parents will see on brochures coming home in the next few weeks.

These are Kinder and First Grade Paintings. Kinders learned about the artist Paul Klee and his fish paintings, drawing lines with oil pastels, painting warm and cool colors with liquid watercolors. Here are a few Kinders in progress.

First Graders read the book "Giraffes Can't Dance". We discussed friendship and how we all learn skills at different rates, like Gerald Giraffe. They drew a giraffe, discussed geometric and freeform shape and drew these in the neck of the Giraffe. They used rulers to draw straight lines, but not through the giraffe. This way the lines and shapes appear behind the giraffe. Patterns were drawn in every shape with crayons. Finally watercolors were painted over for a crayon resist.

Second and Third graders painted peacocks and zebras.
Again working on line, pattern, warm and cool colors.

Fourth grade learned about value and painted a value scale sky with a moon.
Then they painted a silhouette of a tree and grass. Fifth graders Painted a lovely  Colorado landscape. They learned the little tricks that artists use to show near and far in painting. They learned about the 3 areas of space in a landscape. Their aspens look like the countryside around Glenwood Springs right now as fall approaches.

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