Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fourth Grade Black on Black Pueblo Pottery

Fourth Graders learned about a clay artist named Maria Martinez who brought the ancient art of black on black pottery back to life in the Pueblo community. The pots are fired without oxygen,which turns the clay black. Then they are polished and carved to create the distinctive look. So many vocabulary words for these young artists, but they were fascinated as they read through the slides.  They sketched designs in their sketchbooks making sure to use geometric patters and curve the design across the pot to give the illusion of roundness.  The next step involved painting 2 papers completely block with tempera paint. The following week students discussed symmetry and how to draw a symmetrical vase or pot. We devised a method of folding paper in half and cutting out a pattern to trace onto the painted black paper. Then the drawing began with metallic colored pencils. We are off to a great start! This inspiration came from the Crayola site years ago.

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