Sunday, September 27, 2015

Third grade Clay Taco Fish

Third grade was ever so excited to come into the Art room and see that they were going to make a clay creation today! Clay projects have to be completed in one day, so it must be a quick and rather easy to form one. I found this idea online and it is a winner! From a slab of clay, students drew and cutout a circle. This was folded up like a taco and sealed partially shut using the score and slip method. Then the creativity began. My only requirements were that all pieces had to be attached using score and slip, and it had to have LOTS of fishy texture. Soon we had angler fish, catfish with whiskers, monster fish, sharks, you name it! It will be several weeks before these are completely dried and fired so we can paint on our glaze. Here were a few drying in my pretend aquarium.

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